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How to make your partner beg for more hard strokes of your dick

As we know, sex is much more about foreplay and dirty talking and the build-up than the act of sexual intercourse. If you want your partner to ask for a rougher ride in bed, it is time to focus on different things you can do to your partner while you are having your penis nestled deep in her. There are basic methods like creating an ambience, creating an excellent build-up to the final act and whispering naughty scenarios to your partner. You can take some tips online from videos of Manali escorts and Manali call girl.

However, we will give you some great tips to ramp up your game and have a great time.

  • Tease her with your slowest, gentlest strokes

Women like slow and soft sex. But they do not like prolonged teasing, and that is precisely what makes them beg for more. Initially, enter your partner as slowly as you can and maintain that rhythm as you move. Play with her patience to drive her crazy!

  • Pin her to the bed 

Most women like to be dominated in bed. Thus, being restrained turns them on. Hold her palms or wrists and keep them tightly held, making her unable to move. Keep your strokes slow and make her feel the desperation of being unable to do anything about that, especially with her hands bound. She would have no choice but to ask you to go harder on her.

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Having sex on the bed is comfortable and pleasant, but on a table, against a wall, or even bent over a counter will strengthen your game many times. Hold her against the wall, and use gentle strokes to rile her up. Combine this with playful nips and bites on her neck and shoulders, but maintain your pace. Hold her close on a table so you can stimulate her neck but keep your strokes slow. On the kitchen counter, if you have entered her from behind, take her wrists and pin them behind her back. Hold her down by her back and maintain slow, gentle strokes. Let the desperation get to her; she feels the arousal so much that she ends up begging you to go rough on her.

  • Stimulate her breasts

Women have very sensitive boobs, as we know, and they alone can bring orgasms if touched correctly. While you are inside her, stop entirely and bend down to stimulate your partner’s boobs. Take a nipple in your mouth, suck on them, kiss around each mound and nip playfully but do not resume your strokes. All these stimulations will only make her impatient for you to start stroking her hard till both of you orgasm.

  • Rub her clitoris while moving inside her

It is difficult for many women to get as well stimulated by vaginal penetration as they are when their clitoris is stimulated. Maintain a medium pace as you move inside her while gently rubbing her clitoris in patterns. This drives women crazy, and it will affect your partner, and she will ask you to speed up so that both of you can reach your peaks.

  • Try hitting her G-spot repeatedly

During your first strokes, locate the soft, cushiony area in the vagina, which we know as the G-spot, and then try and hit it every time you move in. Vaginal orgasms take place when the G-spot is well stimulated. So carry on with gentle strokes, hitting that spot every time till that drives your partner crazy and she ask for you to hurry things up.

  • Ask her to turn you on by talking dirty

Sometimes, women want to ask you to do a lot of crazy things in bed but are too shy to say anything. Make your partner shed her inhibitions by talking dirty to her and encourage her to do the same. Tell her that it turns you on, and you find that incredibly sexy in her.

  • Let your partner know that you are having great fun

Women crave to hear moans coming from men. So, let her know that you are having a fantastic time. Moan out her name loud, tell her how good she feels and how difficult it is for you to control yourself from taking her harder and faster. This gives your partner a lot of satisfaction and motivation to make you feel even better.

  • Try the positions that help you penetrate your partner deeper

Penetrate your partner from the back, or let her ride you so that your dick goes much more deep in her. Give her slow and deep thrusts and make her want to get deep and fast thrusts. As deep as the penis penetrates your partner, she will enjoy herself and ask for more.

  • Grind into her

Instead of thrusting, grind into your partner with circular motions of your hips. Let her feel you deep within her, possibly hitting her G-spot while your pelvis presses onto her clitoris and stimulates it. The coupled sensation should be able to drive her mad enough to ask you to stop tormenting and do her hard and fast.

Apart from these tips and tricks, if both of you like getting wild in bed, take some ideas from any video of a Manali escort or a Manali call girl and  try denying your partner’s orgasm by alternating slow strokes and stopping entirely while you make hickeys onto her erogenous zones all over her body. You can also choke her very lightly if either of you are into it or pull her hair when you take her from behind. Spanking is also an effective practice to arouse your partner to madness.

Please remember to communicate with your partner before getting too rough with her, and remember not to hurt her or get hurt yourself, no matter how rough both of you can get with sex. Ultimately, this is about pleasing both of yourselves; thus, you should make the best out of it.

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